Video Documenter, providing a permanent visual record of property and assets. Serving the Tucson community.
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For each item, document the name, description, manufacturer, model,
serial number, purchase date, place of purchase, original cost, and
the estimated current value.

Video Documenter is a Tucson, AZ based business providing individuals and businesses the service of recording inventory and assets in a video format for documentation purposes. A visual record can be a valuable tool in times of loss or in reviewing inventory in other circumstances. We recommend that the owner narrate the details of each item during the recording process, making the video a complete record of your inventory.
document home and business interiors and exteriors, garages, tool sheds and storage bins. record jewelry, silverware, china, special collections, antiques, objects of art, family treasures, appraisals, receipts, furniture, floor coverings, electronics, computers, clothing, fixtures.