Video Documenter, providing a permanent visual record of property and assets. Serving the Tucson community.
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A visual document really is worth much more than a thousand words when dealing with physical possessions. Especially when items of personal or business inventory are not readily available.
Creating and maintaining a permanent record of property and assets has become a necessary practice in today's world. Natural disasters, theft, fire and vandalism disrupt the lives of millions of people every year. If your possessions are stolen or destroyed, you will be asked to provide an itemized record of the items damaged or lost. Often, the shock and stress of a major loss will interfere with your ability to compile an accurate inventory.
Documenting and maintaining a video inventory of property and assets can facilitate the replacement of many items and serve as a record for irreplaceables. Video Documenter can assist you with this process.
Whether you create a video document yourself or make use of our services, please take the time to inventory your possessions.
Video Documenter, serving the Tucson Community.
document home and business interiors and exteriors, garages, tool sheds and storage bins. record jewelry, silverware, china, special collections, antiques, objects of art, family treasures, appraisals, receipts, furniture, floor coverings, electronics, computers, clothing, fixtures, appliances, tools and machinery, sports equipment, and yard equipment.