Video Documenter, providing a permanent visual record of property and assets. Serving the Tucson community.
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1. We arrive on premises

2. Inventory is recorded

3. Video is transferred to CD at our offices

4. CDs are delivered to the purchaser of our services
Video Documenter comes to your home or place of business and creates a visual and audio record of all your assets and possessions. If accessible, receipts, serial and model numbers should be recorded. Interiors and exteriors of homes and business, as well as garages, tool sheds and storage spaces should be included.
Your inventory movie is then transferred onto a CD at our offices, which may be viewed on a DVD player or computer. The movies of possessions are organized by room or area, with a menu designed for easy navigation.
The owner must be present at the time of taping and we recommend they provide a running narration, room by room, detailing all items as they are taped. The video is for documentation purposes only. The purchaser of the service owns the finished product and is free to reproduce it.
document home and business interiors and exteriors, garages, tool sheds and storage bins. record jewelry, silverware, china, special collections, antiques, objects of art, family treasures, appraisals, receipts, furniture, floor coverings, electronics, computers, clothing, fixtures, appliances, tools and machinery.