Some of My Work

I assumed the leadership of the Tucson Computer Society Internet SIG in February of 2003. The web site I created for sharing information and presentation notes is located at

You will find a variety of information about the Internet, the tools we use while online, and lots of links that our SIG members find of interest.

The Video Documenter site was created to reflect the tone of a fold-out brochure. The company service offered is to come to your home or place of business and create a visual and audio record of all your assets and possessions on video. The inventory movie is then transferred onto a CD at the office, which may be viewed on a DVD player or computer.

I've enjoyed the opportunity to review books and software applications for the Tucson Computer Society since joining in 2002. My reviews and those by other TCS contributors are published on the journal portion of the web site. Here are some excerpts and a link to a full review.

Adobe Photoshop CS One-on-One
Deke McClelland
"Some of you may recognize the author’s name, Deke McClelland, from the Total Training series of instructional videos for graphics and desktop publishing applications. This volume is the first in a soon to be series of first-rate instructional tools for all levels of users. ..."

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Cascading Style Sheets: Separating Content from Presentation
Authors: Owen Briggs, Steven Champeon, Eric Costello, and Matt Patterson
"This book is about ‘best practices’ in the creation and implementation of Cascading Style Sheets. The four authors and six contributors are all actively involved in web development and the web community. If you are looking for a thorough understanding of CSS, the background, the concepts, the issues and the implementation, this is the book for you. ..."

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More Eric Meyer on CSS
Author: Eric A. Meyer "This book offers the hands-on approach to learning web design with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), a system that works very well for many web developers needing to get quickly up to speed on current technologies. The assumption is that the reader has a strong working knowledge of HTML coding and has had experience with writing at least basic Cascading Style Sheets. ..."

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PHP, MySQL and Apache All in One, 2nd Edition
Author: Julie C. Meloni
Looking for an informative and easy to understand beginner's level introduction to the web technologies of today? I was, and this volume really presented the topics in the title in plain English, not geek-crypto. By chapter 2 I was already typing commands for creating MySQL users and granting privileges and then issuing the command to revoke them.

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